Our Services

(International) Debtor management

Client Control would love to arrange your debtor administration for you, either completely or partially, structurally or temporarily, at your site or at ours: everything is possible. The process can start with: customer acceptance, reconciliation of payments and processing of reversals, the creation of outstanding posts or the processing of outstanding posts after expiry date.

We are very flexible and can switch quickly. Our working hours are broad and with our native speakers of eleven languages we make sure that we can always help your clients in their own language. We always offer a solution that suits your organisation and needs. Using a custom-made dashboard, you can keep track of the process 24 hours per day. By outsourcing debtor management, you can significantly improve performance when it comes to invoicing, dispute management and collecting outstanding claims, while also focusing on the core business of your company: serving your clients.


Advantages of debtor management by Client Control:

  • Specialist expertise
  • Compliant with your credit insurance
  • You can focus more on your core business
  • Flexibility and speed
  • Available in all time zones
  • Native speakers of multiple languages
  • Always a realtime overview of the process
  • Save time
  • Get started quickly
  • Better performance
Debtor calls

Personal contact is essential to gain an understanding of the financial situation and possible risks of your debtors. This contact usually takes the form of phone calls. Client Control would love to take care of these debtor calls, which are often time-consuming. Our professionals have the right skills to be able to have these types of conversations effectively and professionally, saving you time as well as costs.


Advantages of debtor calls by Client Control:

  • High quality of conversions
  • High volumes with short lead times
  • Specialist expertise
  • A quick overview of non-payment cause and risks
  • Fixed costs
  • Calls after office hours
Service calls

Service calls
Client Control understands how important a good relation with your clients is. By conducting service calls we ensure client retention, we keep your contact list up to date and we can even map client satisfaction.

Client retention
Client Control helps you to turn your clients into true ambassadors. Via service calls we initiate a discussion with your clients, during which we listen carefully to what they have to say. Direct contact is an important factor in client retention.

Correct contact list
With an up to date database your commercial efforts and marketing activities achieve better results. Follow-up calls and cleaning up your database is a time-consuming task, so Client Control would love to take care of it for you. We update your contact list, conduct follow-up calls and complete any incomplete data.

Client satisfaction
A client satisfaction study generates an overview of which issues are important to your clients. With this study we map what your clients think about your organisation, product or service, so that you can respond better to the needs of your clients and resolve any complaints neatly. This contributes to positive feedback of your organisation.

Advantages of service calls by Client Control:

  • Optimal client retention
  • Better results from commercial efforts and marketing activities
  • Overview of client satisfaction
  • Useful feedback of clients
Customer care

Every day our professionals work to help your clients in friendly and results-oriented ways. We investigate the methods, culture and services or products of every commissioner thoroughly, quickly and effectively, and we are forerunners of multichannel communication.

If you are active in the online retail market, then the scarce moments that your customer is looking for contact with you are very important. Recurring visitors on your website and in your online store will deliver more profit. At Client Control we do not talk about debtors but about customers!

Our employees are trained internally, briefed extensively per commission, and work according to certified quality procedures. To protect the quality of our services even better, we arrange proactive monitoring, analysis and reporting focused on people and technology. This allows us to always deliver the quality we promise.

Advantages of customer care by Client Control:

  • We aim to understand your organisation completely
  • Extensive experience with inbound services
  • Forerunner of multichannel communication
Backup Servicing

Quickly up & running after a calamity

With this service for managing your risks, continuity of the supporting processes is a must. If you or your current supplier is no longer able to meet the established conditions, it is important to have a thorough back-up servicer.

We organise systems in such a way that we can often be up and running within 48 hours, for example in case of bankruptcy or fire. Payment processing, debtor management and, if relevant, invoicing are services processed by our service centre specialists.

  • Thorough risk management
  • Multiple service levels (hot-warm-cold)
  • Quickly up and running