Client Control is an internationally active order to cash service centre for customers and professional clients. We take care of the complete collection process for you and use to most advanced technology to do so, combined with the right professionals. The result is an improvement of your collection results, cash position and client satisfaction. We strive to revolutionise the world of credit management.


Client Control was founded in 2016 in Woerden, the Netherlands, as a collaboration of the debt collection and bailiff organisation Flanderijn and Career Control: two leading parties in the credit management industry.

Flanderijn is a renowned company offering debt collection services for the top players of the Dutch and Belgian business communities. Career Control has been a market leader in the mediation of credit management specialists for years. On the basis of the growing client demand for outsourcing processes and process components for order to cash, the parties decided to join forces. Together, they founded Client Control: a qualitative service centre with custom solutions and the ability to switch quickly and flexibly. Client Control is a member of the Incontrol Group.

Smart Systems

The power of Client Control is its chain of ‘best of breed’ systems in credit management, from (e-) invoice to collection. As a result of a complete integration of these systems and of making everything measurable, we continually test which actions lead to the results we want: better, faster and cheaper performance. We don’t just focus on debtor management, but we can also integrate the entire client contact chain within our systems and/or link to the CRM system of the client.

Advantages of outsourcing

Outsourcing debtor management has many advantages. If you hire Client Control, you can profit from our expertise and use our systems. You don’t have to hire your own staff while still having flexible access to professionals. And because you only pay for the hours we actually work, you also save money. At Client Control we highly value a good relation with our clients. Our working hours are flexible, and because we hire native speakers we can communicate with your clients in their own language. This, as well as a strict protection of data, allows Client Control to offer its services globally.


At Client Control we believe that debtor management is about the optimisation of the automation of the process and the qualitative approach of loss. Because loss is minimal, we can spend much attention on telephone contact in case of failure to pay or complaints processing. The platform of Client Control has a debtor module for the management of all clients with an invoice in arrears. The module can import every format of outstanding cost lists and can be linked to every ERP. If required, we can also take care of payment processing. Together with our commissioner we organise a separate processing trajectory per client group, where we can choose from various forms of client contact.

Some of our team members

Ron Kiesling
Managing Director

Maarten van Staden
Process manager

Glenn Relaes
Client coordinator

Bashi Cikuru
Credit management specialist French

Rossina Laveneziana
Credit management specialist Italian

Yasmina Ammatuna
Credit management specialist Spanish